Redefining Music Creation in j.viewz Digital Space

A Look at j.viewz…Redefining Music Creation in Digital Space

So my buddy Bobby tags me on facebook in some video, you know to get me to look at it…knowing we both share a passion for music so of course I’ll look at it sooner or later. I glance for a second and it’s about vegetables and music or something. What? Ok so next I say to myself but then, I hit play. WTF!? Scratching my head like a monkey. Closing the circuits? Ohhhhhhhh

“Don’t eat your veggies…Play your veggies!”

Currently, this Brooklyn, New Yorker is working on a music experiement that is interactively inviting the listener and his audience to share in the experience, that only the songwriter, producer, band, or musician would usually only get to experience from j.viewz and it’s called “The DNA Project.”

So you go to the market and buy a Eggplant. That’s your bass drum. Then carrots. For high hats of course. Don’t forget the grapes! Unless you don’t want to bells. Lost yet? Well, let me shed some light. The digital chef who is about to brew up some fresh fruits and vegetables to listen to is Jonathan Dagan. His works are music for the soul…or should I say, music for the stomach. Being that you can eat his instruments raw or some you may want to cook and clean after the digital experience is over and the sounds are created. You’ll find his work under the name “j.viewz” which, if you click on the name, a link to the website is provided.

Basically, j.viewz is giving you full-access to the sounds, the stories, and all the different components that are involved in the making of his songs. Allowing other creators as well, to use the elements and even submit your own to form an interactive digital dimension of shared song creation and input.

By the way, here is the original video for you by j.viewz

j.viewz – Playing Teardrop on vegetables

What is to become from The DNA Project and how will it effect your taste buds and listening pleasures? For that answer, you can get involved and be a part of the outcome. Then of course, you could just vegg and do nothing. Myself however, rather collaborate and listen!

At the very minimum, one could say that Jonathan is entertaining, interesting and brings back that good ole saying of…”things that make you go Hmmmm”. Whatever j.viewz has in the mix, I’m sure it’ll be intriguing and unique.