A Spoken Word Artist…Just Listen

Ahhhh the spoken word!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on my blog, which brings me to the following video that is a must watch and listen from the spoken word artist Prine Ea.

watch @princeea on craigsvoiceover.com for @nestecorp campaign #preorderthefuture #cvo @cmathewhall

It is from a futurologist and a spoken word artist by the name of #PrinceEa.

This is part of the #preorderthefuture campaign that @princeea is doing for @nestecorp along with @fifthring. It’s a very well done, powerful and lifting message.

From what I’ve heard and seen thus far, the #preorderthefuture campaign should be the same. Great use of the spoken word know don’t you think?

Personally, I am moved and think that the fact a corporation is involved in doing something better and giving rather than making and taking!

So it’s nice to see the spoken word in a positive way by the master- futurologist, aka spoken word artist of course, wait for it…Prince Ea.! And that’s a damn good thing it seems Neste is doing and getting involved in. This by the way is a call-to-action of sorts.

So you can get involved and submit to them your ideas on renewable energy or just about anything.

Go to the website for the preorderthefuture campaign and you’ll see what I mean. The Link to the website is in the last sentence- just FYI. Oh yea, and don’t actually call the police on the mass murderer Prince Ea is talking about though in the video called “doubt”!

A few puns or Yes, pun intended can be found in the above writings. I invite you to just listen and watch the video. See where your own thoughts or feelings go.  Lifted? Up? Down? Anything? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? #Bueller ? Hope you enjoy the video as much I did. #inthenow @cmathewhall