Audio, Video and Voice Over

Having Fun Being Creative Making Sounds

Just the place to watch and listen to some of Craigs Voice Over audio, video and voice over sample tracks. Until the approval of already completed voice over work is received, you can hear and watch some non Voice Over audio and non Voice Over video tracks of me playing with different instruments and arrangements. More of a clipboard full of pieces or a scrap book with the cut-out’s or what remains on the editing floor that were cut from the reel!

Just Me having fun being creative making music, trying different sounds and arrangements. Hope that you will take a minute and listen to them or even just post a comment below that you did.



The files below are Video Files, since the original audio tracks have visuals included in the track. The audio files will be posted within this page as well. Originally a blog post, Craigs Voice Over has now added or revised this page of the website to include audio/video tracks or snippets not related to completed voice over work or media projects. 


A Sound Track for Opening Movie w/out Special Effects, Dialogue, Etc. [.mp4]


Craigalot Movie Soundtrack Sample [.mp4]

Craigalot Movie Soundtrack – Flash Video File [.flv]
Mashing it up Sample [.mp4]
Mashing it UP – Flash Video File [.flv] 
An EPIC Movie Soundtrack [.mp4]
An EPIC Movie Soundtrack – Flash Video File [.flv]
Dub Hop or Dub Step Sound Sample [.mp4]
Dub Stepped – Flash Video File [.flv]
Dub Stepped [Link to QuickTime Video File .mov]

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