A Spoken Word Artist…Just Listen

Ahhhh the spoken word!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on my blog, which brings me to the following video that is a must watch and listen from the spoken word artist Prine Ea.

watch @princeea on craigsvoiceover.com for @nestecorp campaign #preorderthefuture #cvo @cmathewhall

It is from a futurologist and a spoken word artist by the name of #PrinceEa.

This is part of the #preorderthefuture campaign that @princeea is doing for @nestecorp along with @fifthring. It’s a very well done, powerful and lifting message.

From what I’ve heard and seen thus far, the #preorderthefuture campaign should be the same. Great use of the spoken word know don’t you think?

Personally, I am moved and think that the fact a corporation is involved in doing something better and giving rather than making and taking!

So it’s nice to see the spoken word in a positive way by the master- futurologist, aka spoken word artist of course, wait for it…Prince Ea.! And that’s a damn good thing it seems Neste is doing and getting involved in. This by the way is a call-to-action of sorts.

So you can get involved and submit to them your ideas on renewable energy or just about anything.

Go to the website for the preorderthefuture campaign and you’ll see what I mean. The Link to the website is in the last sentence- just FYI. Oh yea, and don’t actually call the police on the mass murderer Prince Ea is talking about though in the video called “doubt”!

A few puns or Yes, pun intended can be found in the above writings. I invite you to just listen and watch the video. See where your own thoughts or feelings go.  Lifted? Up? Down? Anything? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? #Bueller ? Hope you enjoy the video as much I did. #inthenow @cmathewhall


Entertaining Media from the Internet


Do you worry that we aren’t teaching our youth what REALLY matters?

Click on link to access it … Secondhand Lions Teaches Younger Generation


An Audio Clip from the App maker SMULE – Auto Rap or something like that… It’s a fun app that mixes your words that you record and puts together a rap song of sorts. It’s always a good laugh to just record and then let it mix it up and playback!

a few seconds of the audio clip for ring tone or whatever”


about a minute worth of this song that SMULE created. It’s funny how it turned out to be… “Need to put down the gun and get you a honey bun”




few seconds of it…

This is how you do it! She’ll Lead An Army Of Samurai If Need Be

Answers People posted this bad ass little girl


Cuidado para não perder o fôlego! Simplesmente genial! Translation… Careful not to lose my breath! Just great!

Careful not to lose my breath! Just great!


Call this girl if you got children who won’t go to bed! She can put anyone to sleep in just a matter of seconds, whether it be a dog, a lizard, or a crocodile! #ChallengetheImpossible

CCTV video post


2nd Annual Voice Arts Awards hosted by SOVAS


Attention Audio Engineers, Casting Directors, Copywriters, Creative Directors, Marketing Executives, Producers, Talent Agents, Voice Actors, and Spoken Word Artists from around the globe, come celebrate the world’s most brilliant and creative forces this year on November 15th, 2015 at the Voice Arts  Awards.

The Society of Voice Arts and Sciences  (SOVAS ) will hosts That’s Voiceover!  on November 14th, 2015 and the Voice Arts  Awards Gala on November 15th, 2015.

See how last year winners show how the thoughtful direction and performance of the human voice, helps to fully realize creative strategy in all forms of media. Get your submissions in for the Voice Arts  Awards by August 31st, 2015.

Lastly, you can get a discount to purchase admittance to the Voice Arts  Awards Gala where the winners will be announced on November 15th, 2015 at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles.

Go to www.SOVAS.org for more information or email rudy@sovas.org.


Voice Arts YouTube Channel                                       SOVAS on Instagram                                      Voice Arts on Twitter

CVO on Facebook                                                           Voice Arts on Facebook                                  CVO on Twitter


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Redefining Music Creation in j.viewz Digital Space

A Look at j.viewz…Redefining Music Creation in Digital Space

So my buddy Bobby tags me on facebook in some video, you know to get me to look at it…knowing we both share a passion for music so of course I’ll look at it sooner or later. I glance for a second and it’s about vegetables and music or something. What? Ok so next I say to myself but then, I hit play. WTF!? Scratching my head like a monkey. Closing the circuits? Ohhhhhhhh

“Don’t eat your veggies…Play your veggies!”

Currently, this Brooklyn, New Yorker is working on a music experiement that is interactively inviting the listener and his audience to share in the experience, that only the songwriter, producer, band, or musician would usually only get to experience from j.viewz and it’s called “The DNA Project.”

So you go to the market and buy a Eggplant. That’s your bass drum. Then carrots. For high hats of course. Don’t forget the grapes! Unless you don’t want to bells. Lost yet? Well, let me shed some light. The digital chef who is about to brew up some fresh fruits and vegetables to listen to is Jonathan Dagan. His works are music for the soul…or should I say, music for the stomach. Being that you can eat his instruments raw or some you may want to cook and clean after the digital experience is over and the sounds are created. You’ll find his work under the name “j.viewz” which, if you click on the name, a link to the website is provided.

Basically, j.viewz is giving you full-access to the sounds, the stories, and all the different components that are involved in the making of his songs. Allowing other creators as well, to use the elements and even submit your own to form an interactive digital dimension of shared song creation and input.

By the way, here is the original video for you by j.viewz

j.viewz – Playing Teardrop on vegetables

What is to become from The DNA Project and how will it effect your taste buds and listening pleasures? For that answer, you can get involved and be a part of the outcome. Then of course, you could just vegg and do nothing. Myself however, rather collaborate and listen!

At the very minimum, one could say that Jonathan is entertaining, interesting and brings back that good ole saying of…”things that make you go Hmmmm”. Whatever j.viewz has in the mix, I’m sure it’ll be intriguing and unique.


Progressive Melodic Audio Apple iPad Mini

Added Visuals if you click on the link below… you can watch what you are listening to! Apple iPad Mini


Voice Over Demo

Infographic on Creating The VOICE OVER DEMO

If you haven’t seen this before, it is a great voice over demo infographic that goes over creating “The voice over demo” in 11 Steps. Like these steps in the voice over demo infographic states, at the time it was published, the voice over industry was estimated to be worth over $12 Billion Worldwide!

  • What does it take to be successful?
  • Best ways to promote your voice over demo?
  • What works and what doesn’t work?

If you haven’t already, just google what seems to be a ton of pages on the subject. You’ll notice that the keywords or even in the VO industry, it’ll be written as voice over, voice-over and as one word being voiceover. Of course, it seems that in copy you find the abbreviation used a lot more, that being VO, though it seems the range of words used is as diverse as those providing it.

In ending, enjoy what you do, do what you do good, and maintain integrity. It my belief that givers gain. That my success is your success and vice versa. Love’em until they submit…then repeat!

– Godspeed

Signed www.CraigsVoiceover.com


If you so choose, you can download this voice over infographic below as your guideline of the basic steps to follow when preparing that voice-over demo or for your own project or research as it relates to releasing your voice-over demo, or sign-up at voices.com and download the 11 Steps of a Voiceover Demo Infographic here .

Voice Over Demo in 11 Steps craigsvoiceover.com

Creating The Voice Over Demo in 11 Steps

It’s ok to just have fun!

For now, Craigs Voice Over is still just a baby learning to crawl. Like all things however, Craigs Voice Over will be older and hopefully growing out of its infancy stage. But then again, it’s so fun just being a kid that I may just…keep the kid around forever and ever!

In the meantime, why not post some audio and video tracks of me playing with different instruments and arrangements. More of a clipboard full of pieces or a scrap book with the cut-out’s or what remains on the editing floor that were cut from the reel! Having Fun Just Being #Creative Making #Music, Sounds, and #Audio Tracks (Added Visuals).

 Craigalot Movie Soundtrack Sample [.mp4]

Craigalot Movie Soundtrack – Flash Video File [.flv]

Mashing it up Audio Sample [.mp4]

Mashing it UP – Flash Video File [.flv]

 Opening Scene Movie w/out Special Effects or Dialogue Sample [.mp4]

An EPIC Movie Soundtrack – Flash Video File [.flv]

 Dub Hop or Dub Step Sounding Audio Sample [.mp4]

Dub Stepped – Flash Video File [.flv]

Dub Stepped [.mov QuickTime Video File]


A Legendary DJ, Frankie Knuckles will be missed…

"one of the most important DJs of all time."

“one of the most important DJs of all time.”

This article was some how lost. But it was in response to “Rolling Stone Magazine: Put FRANKIE KNUCKLES on the cover of Rolling Stone” and you could petition the magazine by going to change.org and sign the letter. Here is the link to that letter and article… Put FRANKIE KNUCKLES on the cover of Rolling Stone
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