It’s ok to just have fun!

For now, Craigs Voice Over is still just a baby learning to crawl. Like all things however, Craigs Voice Over will be older and hopefully growing out of its infancy stage. But then again, it’s so fun just being a kid that I may just…keep the kid around forever and ever!

In the meantime, why not post some audio and video tracks of me playing with different instruments and arrangements. More of a clipboard full of pieces or a scrap book with the cut-out’s or what remains on the editing floor that were cut from the reel! Having Fun Just Being #Creative Making #Music, Sounds, and #Audio Tracks (Added Visuals).

 Craigalot Movie Soundtrack Sample [.mp4]

Craigalot Movie Soundtrack – Flash Video File [.flv]

Mashing it up Audio Sample [.mp4]

Mashing it UP – Flash Video File [.flv]

 Opening Scene Movie w/out Special Effects or Dialogue Sample [.mp4]

An EPIC Movie Soundtrack – Flash Video File [.flv]

 Dub Hop or Dub Step Sounding Audio Sample [.mp4]

Dub Stepped – Flash Video File [.flv]

Dub Stepped [.mov QuickTime Video File]


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