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Infographic on Creating The VOICE OVER DEMO

If you haven’t seen this before, it is a great voice over demo infographic that goes over creating “The voice over demo” in 11 Steps. Like these steps in the voice over demo infographic states, at the time it was published, the voice over industry was estimated to be worth over $12 Billion Worldwide!

  • What does it take to be successful?
  • Best ways to promote your voice over demo?
  • What works and what doesn’t work?

If you haven’t already, just google what seems to be a ton of pages on the subject. You’ll notice that the keywords or even in the VO industry, it’ll be written as voice over, voice-over and as one word being voiceover. Of course, it seems that in copy you find the abbreviation used a lot more, that being VO, though it seems the range of words used is as diverse as those providing it.

In ending, enjoy what you do, do what you do good, and maintain integrity. It my belief that givers gain. That my success is your success and vice versa. Love’em until they submit…then repeat!

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If you so choose, you can download this voice over infographic below as your guideline of the basic steps to follow when preparing that voice-over demo or for your own project or research as it relates to releasing your voice-over demo, or sign-up at voices.com and download the 11 Steps of a Voiceover Demo Infographic here .

Voice Over Demo in 11 Steps craigsvoiceover.com

Creating The Voice Over Demo in 11 Steps

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